about dr. miki

Miki Baumgarten is an educational psychologist with recognized expertise in children’s media and arts programming.  As President of Miki Baumgarten, Ph.D. – Media and Arts Education Services, Inc., Dr. Miki has over 25 years of experience carrying out consulting and research activities for a wide variety of clients in the U.S. and abroad.   She has participated in development and served as an educational and creative consultant on a wide variety of children’s, tween’s and teen’s films, videos, television programs, internet-based programs, and related toys, games and consumer products.   She has made contributions to shows seen on PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, WB Kids, Noggin, Sprout, NBC, CBS, and more.   Research activities have included conducting formative and summative studies on the impact of media, technology and arts programs, as well as moderating focus groups and implementing program testing.   Dr. Miki also teaches – serving as an adjunct professor at American Jewish University, and conducting seminars on children’s programming for Disney, Warner Bros., Getty Center for Education in the Arts, and others.

Dr. Miki studied at U.C.L.A. – earning a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts magna cum laude, a Secondary Teaching Credential, and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Educational Psychology.  She is an active member of the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, Society for Research in Child Development, and the Children’s Peer Group of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.   Dr. Miki serves on the Editorial Board for the journal, “Computers in Entertainment,” and on the Advisory Board for “Hollywood Health.”