kids’ media

Dr. Miki actively consults on the development and production of tv series, specials, videos, DVDs and films for children, tweens and teens.  Her focus is on the creation of high-quality edu-taining programming in which learning is coupled with fun.  During the course of show development, Dr. Miki formulates educational philosophy and curricular goals, writes “Statements of Educational Mission” and Curricula, and contributes appropriate developmental and educational content to the series Bible.  During the production process, Dr. Miki works with premises, outlines and all drafts of scripts – ensuring that each episode meets educational goals and objectives, and fulfills Federal Communications Commission Educational/Informational (E/I) Standards.  She also focuses on adjunct aspects of children’s programming that serve to heighten the education and entertainment quotient of the show, including age-appropriate language, content, behaviors, humor, and more.  When called upon to do so, Miki Baumgarten, Ph.D. – Media & Arts Education Services, Inc. plans and directs seminars for writers and production staffs.