why hire us

Miki Baumgarten, Ph.D. – Media & Arts Education Services, Inc. is fully equipped to carry out an important role in media and arts education programming for young people.  We have expertise on –

•    child development
•    learning theory and assessment
•    creative development and production
•    strategic planning and policy-making
•    media literacy and media effects research
•    audience analysis
•    youth media habits in the digital culture

We believe that good programming must first and foremost be fun and engaging programming that helps empower and educate kids without sacrificing popularity or market viability.  Our work supports producers in crafting creative, innovative, and profitable media and arts programming across platforms.  Whether kids watch TV or DVD’s, go to movies, play video or computer games, visit museums, listen to music, visit web sites or interact via social networking, they deserve high quality media and arts-based programming that serves to entertain and enlighten.